Newsletter November Issue

Dear EESTECers,
The autumn set in, a lot of us started the classes, but although there is a lot going on, the Board keeps working hard and doesn’t slow down for a second. The main point of their interests is – no surprise here – the forthcoming ECM! As it is quickly approaching, excitement reaches incredibly high levels.
We are growing, working hard and we are evolving. This is what’s happening with … more »

Newsletter October Issue

Dear EESTECers,
The first cold days are already here, but there is nothing cold with the International Board, which is warmed up and working in full speed!
New and more enthusiastic people are coming on board for LC Madrid and LC Linkoping. We also have news from our Design Team along with their new Coordinator.
EESTEC family is getting bigger! With hard work and motivation Kaiserslautern fully deserve to get upgraded to the status of … more »

Newsletter September Issue

Dear EESTECers,
Summer is almost behind us and I am sure some great stories and events are also.
During past month we had a chance to combine visiting beautiful city in Serbia and to listen and relax with famous Blues Brothers, Candy Dulfer, Vlatko Stefanivski or Viva Vox on Nis Jazz Do It!
Amazing stories from IMW are coming from Ohrid where almost 120 EESTECers participated.
LC Trieste showed that you can have fun … more »

Rules of Procedure

Dear EESTECers,
We would like to inform you that HERE is the new version of RoP now available in for those of you that want to get informed about changes voted on previous Congress.

For those that don’t know RoP (Rules of Procedure) is the document that describes all functions of EESTEC (International) and it is the document that all bodies and LC’s have to follow.
If you have any questions regarding any of the documents, … more »

Newsletter August Issue

Dear EESTECers,
No matter where you are if you close your eyes for a moment I am sure that you would imagine some exotic, relaxing and calm place where you can escape the daily routine. EESTEC has prepared some unforgettable events for this summer.
Some are behind us and some of you are already talking about great stories from Krakow, Gdańsk and Antwerp. In the following months we can expect few more … more »