Since it was established, EESTEC network and activities has been run by volunteer student members of the association. Through the years, there has been a significant evolution in the internal structure of EESTEC according to the various needs appearing.


EESTEC can be perceived as a network of Local Committees from different cities all over the Europe. As for all kind networks, there is also a need for EESTEC to be administrated on international level by a group of people in order to assure the coherence among Local Committees. Structure of EESTEC  mainly consists of the following sections: International Board, International Bodies, International Board Assistants and Local Committee Boards.


International Board

International Board of EESTEC consists of 5 function: Chairman, Vice-chairman for Internal Affairs, Vice-chairman for External Affairs, Vice-chairman for Publications & Administration and Treasurer. International Board members are elected each year during the Annual Congress by the representatives of Local Committees and their mandate lasts 1 year.


International Bodies

Growing through the years and starting to have more Internationally organized activities, EESTEC had a need for International Teams and Coordinators. Every year new International Bodies can be introduced or the current ones can be removed according to the present situation. Some of the bodies are elected by the General Assembly, some are assigned by the International Board.


International Board Assistants

Each Board Member has his own team of Board Assistants. Permanent tasks of the board members and the tasks appearing during the year are usually fulfilled by the team of Board Assistants with the coordination of the board member.


Local Committee Boards

Local Committee Boards are the connection between EESTEC Members and EESTEC International. Board of an LC is elected by its own members, usually once a year.