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LC Athens

Committee Name Athens
Founded in 2004
Website http://www.eestec.ntua.gr/
Number of Members 128

LC Athens was founded in 2004 by a handful of students in the National Technical University of Athens. Athens became officially an EESTEC Local Committee in Congress 2005 in Madrid. During these ten years, more than 900 members have joined our local committee, and the number is still increasing. At this point, we have around 90 active members, willing to help our LC make a step further. Having organized nine successful international workshops, with more than 460 participants from all over Europe, LC Athens deserves the title of "must go" EESTEC LC. We are, also, very active in our faculty, organizing many interesting local activities, not only for our members, but also for the rest of the students. In this way, a lot of students gain interest in EESTEC, and we keep on spreading around the"EESTEC Spirit"!

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