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LC Banja Luka

Picture of LC Banja Luka Picture of LC Banja Luka
Committee Name Banja Luka
Founded in 2004
Website http://www.eestec.etfbl.net/
Number of Members 40

Local committee of Banja Luka has been accepted in a full membership on EESTEC congress in Belgrade, in April 2004. In June 2004 Local committeeis registered in Banja Luka court as a non-profit, student’s organizationwith a headquarters on Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Patre 5 street. Year in year out, many activities are occurring, with the goal of popularizing student volunteering and gather more members. By participating in the Local committee, students of electrical engineering are gathering organizational skills which are surely important in later professional career. Through 16 years we helped 200 students of Electrical engineering in Banja Luka to participate in some of the EESTEC events. Significant fact is that, besides opportunity for professional development, consideringthat students have 53 different destinations to visit, by participating in workshop, students are able to represent our culture, our customs and break possible prejudices. In April 2012, Local committee organized first Soft Skills Academy for 30 students of Banja Luka University. Students were able to work on development of their personal and professional skills necessary for purchasing successful career in their field. Having got great feedback considering our first Soft Skills Academy, in 2013 and 2014 we decided to organize it again because apparently, students find it very useful and interesting. EESTEC Banja Luka’s SSA is slowly becoming a tradition, and our LC is getting recognized as one of the most important student organisations of the city.

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