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JLC Milan

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Committee Name Milan
Founded in 2016
Website http://mi.eestec.it/
Number of Members 37

Our commitment was born in 2016 and, since then, our ride and our aim to grow never stopped, thanks to a few motivated students of the Politecnico di Milano. Now we have 22 active members, five of whom are in International Teams.

We try to be something different from the daily routine, a place where every student can feel at home, learn new things, work with other people and travel all around Europe, breaking away from the usual perspective through which University is looked at and believing that all of us members are friends before associates.

We successfully hosted a local round of the EESTech Challenge in April 2018 and we are already organizing the 2019 edition. In October we had our first IMW, named “Tacà Foeugh!”: we went to Monferrato, the UNESCO heritage Piedmont countryside, to visit castles, taste some good wine and some typical Italian food.

Throughout the whole year, we also organized local initiatives and workshops held by members and professors as to spread the EESTEC Spirit in our university: we organized an event about recognizing obstacles and moving in the environment with Arduino and we are ready to start two other projects, a course about Python and a series of conferences about StartUps.

Our current aim is to grow bigger both locally and internationally and to introduce all the students to our restless and highly enthusiastic way of facing life.

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