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LC Sarajevo

Picture of LC Sarajevo
Committee Name Sarajevo
Founded in 2006
Website http://www.eestec-sa.ba/
Number of Members 80

In the summer of  2006, a group of young and motivated students came together, combined their ideas, and focused all their effort into forming EESTEC LC Sarajevo, and with that joined the unique EESTEC family. Noone was surprised when the then small LC Sarajevo grew into a large and powerful organization that gathers a big number of enthusiastic students full of positive energy, eager to meet new people and broaden their horizons. EESTEC Sarajevo is now a mosaic of 150 active and alumni members, and with each new piece, it becomes more diverse. Each individual contributes with their creativity, ideas and knowledge making it possible for LC Sarajevo, as a team, to achieve big things! Our mission is to promote electrical engineering students, and to make it possible for them to travel to major European cities in order to improve their technical knowledge, foreign languages, but also to acquire unique values, lifelong memories, to learn to appreciate different cultures and become richer with every friend they make.          

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