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Committee Name Zurich
Founded in 1986
Website http://www.eestec.ch/
Number of Members 53

EESTEC LC Zurich is legally and practically a part of the AMIV; the students guild representing mechanical and electrical engineering students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich). The members of our LC are mechanical and electrical engineering students at ETH.

The external representative of EESTEC LC Zurich is the chairperson, while contact with other LC's in Europe and EESTEC International is kept by the Contact Person (CP). Depending on the task, workgroups are formed to take care of events and workshop. Our chairperson calls for a member meeting at least every two weeks where we cook and eat dinner together and talk about news and projects. That way, there are always interesting challenges for everybody interested in joining EESTEC LC Zurich!

In the last year, we organised two international Workshops:

The first one was "Startup Labs: Upcoming Technologies" from 1st till 8th of May, where we introduced the 15 participants to the startup scene in Zurich. In cooperation with the ETH Entrepreneur Club and EESTEC in Entrepreneurship, we showed them the essential skills needed to found a startup and make it successful.

From 30th of October till 6th of November we hosted the third edition of our "Women in Engineering and Technology" workshops. The workshop addressed a variety of topics concerning women working and studying in engineering and related fields, with a particular focus on developing leadership skills, confronting the “leaky pipeline” issue as well as gender stereotyping in engineering.

Of course, both workshops also offered a diverse cultural and evening program. Besides the almost mandatory city rally, tram party and International Night they also got to enjoy various parties and other activities. Furthermore, the subsequent weekend in the Alps is a must for all LC Zurich workshops - participants and organisers have to recover after a very exhausting week.

Our local events during the past year included the visit of LC Ljubljana's IMW, a training delivered by one of our trainers and of course our two traditional events: the motivational BBQ at the lake of Zurich and the EESTEC LC Zurich skiing weekend. Even if it was planned to only be an MW, more and more people wanted to join - and we let them. Eventually, we enjoyed an amazing weekend with participants from 8 LCs - plus LC Zurich.

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