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Official Documents


The Statutes is the document which defines the basic structure of EESTEC, its aims and its bodies. The seat of the association is located in Delft (The Netherlands). Therefore, the official version of the Statutes is written in Dutch.

Statutes (Dutch)

Translation of Statutes (English)

Rules of Procedure

The Rules of Procedure (RoP) are made to guide the bodies of EESTEC in their work. They are a supplement to the Statutes and a summary of what has shown to be the most appropriate measure, in order to achieve the EESTEC aim.

Rules of Procedure

Previous Rules of Procedure

Previous, previous RoP

Previous, Previous, Previous RoP

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan is a formalized road-map that describes where EESTEC is going over the next few years and how it is going to get there. The Strategic Plan brings focus and direction to our organization and sets clear guidelines for our future actions.

Strategic plan.

Policy Papers

Policy papers set the internal policies that govern EESTEC International. According to point 7. of the RoP, the International Board is responsible for Policy Papers and their compliance to EESTEC's Statutes and RoP.

Brand Policy Paper

Event Policy Paper

Rider to the Event Policy Paper