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45 East of Eden

45 East of Eden
Event Name 45 East of Eden
Organizing Committee East Sarajevo
Date 2018-08-10 - 2018-08-12
Number of Members 0
Participation Fee 45
Deadline July 20, 2018, midnight
Maximum Participants 60
Description Take a breath and look at this ! It is us, LC East Sarajevo, and there’s nothing to worry because we are preparing something tremendous. We are making an offer you cannot refuse, and all you need to do is to apply for our great occurrence, afterwards it will be our job to take you into the best summer adventure. You will be shown the most amazing sights of our great mountain Jahorina, spellbinding outing and so many other beautiful things, we have prepared for you guys. As you already know, our most important priority is to throw an unforgettable party which will make you unable to remember it afterwards. During our dazzling IMW, there will be an amazing International night. Do not be afraid nor hesitate to apply. We are waiting for YOU, 45 degrees East of Eden.

Organizing Committee