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4th Design Sprint

4th Design Sprint
Event Name 4th Design Sprint
Organizing Committee Design Team Istanbul
Date 2018-03-24 - 2018-03-29
Number of Members 11
Deadline Feb. 5, 2018, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 12

Do you love designing? Are you creative? Do you have a tingle in the back of your head that doesn’t go away until you create something beautiful? Is Unicorn your favourite animal? Well you are in luck, this is the event you have been waiting for! 

After Belgrade, Sarajevo and Munich, the 4th design sprint is here and together with LC Istanbul we are on the mission to organize and to make it the best one so far!

Design Sprint is an Operational event with a purpose of strengthening Design Team, learning and sharing knowledge and it’s focused on developing creative skills of EESTECers. You will have an opportunity to listen to quality lectures about graphic design, share their ideas, boost creativity and work on specific tasks. You will also learn how to work in groups, and bond, which will bring the whole team closer together.

“Design is a logical dream that will come true.”

At the end of the event, tasks that we would be working on, should be finished and ready for implementation.

Designers in EESTEC are amongst the busiest people who provide us with creative and modern publications and this is the a perfect way of gathering experienced designers with new ones.

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

If you are passionate about graphic design or UX/UI design then this is the event that you should not miss. Design Sprint is getting better and better every year, and every year there are new projects, new sessions and new concepts that make this week as effective as it can be.  So if you want to learn something on topics like:

Tools in the design world

Trends in graphic design


Logo making

Web design

Designing brochures and posters

Creative thinking

Branding Policy Paper

And if that wasn’t enough, the beautiful city of Istanbul is waiting for you with the most beautiful architecture, great people and amazing food. They want to give you the best week of your life with the best company around you and teach how to rock in LC Istanbul style.

In order to create some magic and make you dreams come true, apply for this event!

All you have to do is to apply here, and fill this FORM, which will help us create the best event for you.

Organizing Committee