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Belgrade Spy Party

Belgrade Spy Party
Event Name Belgrade Spy Party
Organizing Committee Belgrade
Date 2018-12-14 - 2018-12-16
Number of Members 30
Participation Fee 55
Deadline Nov. 20, 2018, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 38

*connection hijacked, switching to the #BSP channel*

Dear agents, veterans of international affairs, the time for us to come together and cooperate is upon us. We are celebrating 18 full years of our department, LC Belgrade, as well as the graduation of our newly trained operatives coming up from our Belgrade Spy Agency. That is why we need your help and your experience to carry out our agency’s largest operation to date: Belgrade Spy Party!

*transmitting mission briefing*

The setting is Belgrade, cold and mysterious. With a rich history, a stunning blend of things traditional and modern, as well as the birthplace of so many spy tales, it is the perfect location for a summit of operatives. Throughout this operation, we will provide you with rations of the finest Serbian cuisine, as well as our most potent drinks - vinjak and rakija. Now that you are stocked, you are ready for the task at hand.

Take part in an epic City Rally where you will discover the shine and gloom of the Serbian capital whilst being up against your fellow operatives in the pursuit of the grand prize; a crazy spy-themed party where extracting intel will be key and of course, the party you absolutely mustn’t miss - the celebration of the 18th birthday of LC Belgrade.

Here in Serbia, the 18th birthday is called "punoletstvo" and it is the craziest birthday one experiences as they are coming of age, which is why we intend to celebrate it in the most wild and special way we can - with all of you.

This is that mission dear operative. The one you charge into head first and come out of with a tale. An unbelievable tale you will retell time and time again. Completing it is what you were trained to do.

*accessing provided resources*

For the cost of participation, we will provide you with the following:

  • Accommodation in the hostel on Friday and Saturday night;

    • A dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday and a breakfast on Sunday;

    • Two themed parties on both nights with drinks included.

The participation fee for participants of the Belgrade Spy Agency workshop is 0€. However, in order to participate, they will need to apply for this event as well.

The timer has started, get to work agent. We await you.

*connection lost*

Organizing Committee