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Event Name de< code > IT
Organizing Committee Bucharest
Date 2019-11-02 - 2019-11-08
Number of Members 12
Deadline Sept. 22, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 12

Did you miss us? Well, don’t worry! de< code > IT is coming back this year with a big surprise! Our workshop is going to be an advanced one! What is the topic of the workshop? Only the most intriguing and ever-changing domain: Machine Learning, of course!  So pack your bags and don't forget your love for travelling and come to Bucharest. You’ll also get to know more about Image Recognition. 

Have you taken an interest in Machine Learning before? Do you have certain curiosities about this subject and want to learn more? Then don’t waste any more time and apply to our workshop! Here you will get a glimpse into Machine Learning, see how it's changing our world and even build an example of your own.

You will be working together in teams, understanding machine learning concepts and even teach a machine to perceive different objects. In this workshop, we will also teach you how to construct a model to classify your own image dataset. Learn about tomorrow’s technology with our 5 days workshop on Machine Learning.

Before applying, keep in mind that we want to make sure that you have experience in working with data structures, algorithms, at least one popular programming language (such as Java, Python, Javascript..) and you possess a critical problem-solving mindset regarding coding challenges.

In order to be convinced that our lovely future participants are prepared for this workshop, we will be taking online interviews as a form of selection. In the interviews you will be answering some questions so we can see if you have a good grasp of the bases of programming and algorithms. The period of those interviews will be: 22nd -29th September. You can book your interview when it’s the proper time in your schedule.

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