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EESTECers Gone Wild 5

EESTECers Gone Wild 5 EESTECers Gone Wild 5 EESTECers Gone Wild 5
Event Name EESTECers Gone Wild 5
Organizing Committee Skopje
Date 2017-07-25 - 2017-07-30
Number of Members 49
Participation Fee 100
Deadline June 23, 2017, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 70

EESTECers Are Your Ready To Go Wild?

It took us 2 years to prepare the biggest, greatest, craziest, most awesome event this summer!

And we’re proud to present: EESTECers Gone Wild 5!

Can you imagine the greatest parties this summer?

Well try multiplying that by 5!

Our journey of epic proportions starts in Skopje, while the culmination takes place in the beautiful city of Ohrid.

Sharpen your senses for Ohrid’s remarkable sites and architecture. Meanwhile, your taste buds will soak in the unique Macedonian gourmet cuisine. In other words: your whole world is going to be turned upside-down!

We will strengthen your EESTEC spirit!

We will make you experience Ohrid the EESTEC way!

We will test your partying capabilities!

Expect your days to be filled with beaches, guitar singalongs and lots and lots of surprises!

You will have a chance to taste the nectar of the balkan gods, the legendary rakia and the most renowned macedonian beer and wine.

The fee will include a round trip from Skopje to Ohrid, three meals per day, accommodation, transportation to the beaches and drinks on the EESTEC parties.

If you want this summer to be filed with great memories, greater experiences and the greatest friendships, don’t hesitate, apply TODAY!

P.S. If you get accepted, plan your travel arrangements accordingly, so that you will be in Skopje before 9:00 pm CEST on July 25th.

Organizing Committee