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How I Machined Your Learning

How I Machined Your Learning
Event Name How I Machined Your Learning
Organizing Committee Madrid
Date 2019-04-21 - 2019-04-26
Number of Members 17
Deadline March 17, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 20
Description This spring we invite you to another unforgettable event organized by your beloved LC Madrid: How I Machined Your Learning!! We know that some years have elapsed since the last chapter of How I Met Your Mother. Yet, we all know that many of you still miss new crazy pages of Uncle Barney's Playbook. Imagine that you could program an AI to pursue the work, wouldn't that be just Legen - wait for it - Dary? In this workshop you will obtain general knowledge about machine learning and a greater understanding about the role it will play in our lives in the nearest future. Apart from that, you will get to know first hand its technological needs, like the development of 5G or the hardware. Last but not least, participants will work on the main issues its implementation causes. Aren't you convinced yet? Well let me tell you a bit more about Madrid, the capital of a State where partying is considered as a national sport. Litres of Sangria flow on the streets, bartenders will pour you cold beers along with tapas (even though nobody will be able to explain what a tapa really is) and shouting is the normal volume. You will enjoy an amazing city rally with the craziest challenges, we will share drinks and meals during the International Night and you will understand what it is to go out every night in the greatest clubs of Madrid. But the icing on the cake will be our International Motivational Weekend, you will get more information when the time comes!. Will you dare to miss it? We are sure you won't, but remember that whatever you do in this life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are there to see it.

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