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Jazz do it! 2018

Jazz do it! 2018 Jazz do it! 2018
Event Name Jazz do it! 2018
Organizing Committee Niš
Date 2018-08-08 - 2018-08-13
Number of Members 4
Participation Fee 80
Deadline July 5, 2018, midnight
Maximum Participants 10
Description Hello dear EESTECers, we know you've been waiting for us! We hope you are ready, because this summer, it's time to Jazz do it! Ever heard of Nišville, one of the biggest Jazz music events in Europe in the 21st century? Well it's happening right at the time you get here! You'll have a chance to listen to many great world-famous musicians during the entire exchange, including the amazing Gipsy Kings, latin jazz legends Matt Bianco, and many many more. You are not only going to listen, but fully invest yourself as we will take you to musical workshops held by the same people who will be performing at the event. Knowledge and talent of the world famous musicians will be up for you to absorb in workshops especially tailored for you! But what is music without dancing? We will be preparing dancing workshops in collaboration with award-winning dancing troupes from Niš, giving you the ability to even more immerse yourself into the jazz experience. The international night will be the night you experience the true taste of Balkan (READ ĆEVAPI and RAKIA). Besides that, we will organize city tours to get you in touch with the culture and history of Niš and you will see how Serbs treasure their ancestry. Let's not forget the crazy parties - you will see how boys and girls know to go crazy here!!! Also, we will share with you the parts of our town where you can just enjoy the sun and nature, place well known as Niška Banja (Niš spa). It was first mentioned centuries ago, in 448 (the antique Roman time), and it remains ever since. And in the end, that is not all, we have a lot more surprises for you and official announcements will be put up very soon so stay tuned! EESTEC LC Niš is waiting for you!

Organizing Committee