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KrakYourNet KrakYourNet
Event Name KrakYourNet
Organizing Committee Krakow
Date 2015-04-19 - 2015-04-26
Number of Members 6
Deadline March 19, 2015, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 15

Dear fellow EESTECers

LC Kraków is proud to announce our next international event - KrakYourNet. This year we are focusing on the fascinating topic of the Internet of Things and we couldn’t be happier about it – all because of the amazing stuff we’ve prepared for the occasion. At this moment you may already know what IoT is - this popular topic has been lately getting a lot of attention amongst IT specialists. To do the topic justice it deserves, during our workshop there will be no sitting through long, boring lectures playing Angry Birds on your phone. Our approach is much more practical - the fifteen people we are going to invite to Kraków will - relying on their knowledge and our lecturers’ help - create their own original apps. During her TED speech, Erin McKean said: This is a little known fact technological about the Internet, but the Internet is actually made of words and enthusiasm. We sure are enthusiastic about this workshop since it’s one you’ve never experienced before! And why is that? Well, we’re excited to inform you that you will be using original Estimote Beacons during the workshop! At the end of the week you will present the results of your work – we’re 100% sure that they will be astounding and making you proud! 

LC Kraków is nothing if not passionate about the things we do. During this event, we want to take you for an unforgettable journey. Our beautiful city offers a wide range of places to visit and things to see Stunning monuments and fun activities during the day, incredible clubs and fervent parties at night. You will never stay idle for too long – we’ve prepared tons of exciting activities and can’t wait to share the week with you. Kraków is a city where the ancient clashes with the modern. You will party in clubs located in 14th century buildings and on the International Night you will try the most delicious traditional dishes. You will even be able to explore the city on your own during the City Rally! Remember - when having fun EESTEC style - LC Kraków does it best! 

After the academic part is over, we will leave Kraków to visit famous Zakopane located in the stunning Polish mountains. The view is surely going to take your breath away! The beacons are programmed in Java language so all you need to make the best of our workshop is Java experience (if you have any, please include that information in the application form) and a lot of EESTEC spirit! Don’t hesitate anymore and apply NOW!To learn more about Estimote Beacons, check out this video.

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