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Event Name R.IoT
Organizing Committee Munich Milan
Date 2019-12-01 - 2019-12-06
Number of Members 12
Deadline Oct. 27, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 12

“The sky of Milano was like the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel”...

Was it Milano the city in Gibson’s “Neuromancer”? 

Well, nevermind, our adventure takes place in a futuristic vision of our city, Neo Milano, in the year 2110 after the Blackout. 

The whole city’s infrastructure is connected to the “Nebiun”, the cloud which is owned by the metropolis’ main corporations.

Corruption infests the city like plague and riots in the lower and upper levels are commonplace.

The tension is rising, and the downfall of the capital of Aetalya is impending.

A group of 12 people will be gathered to cooperate and learn about the cloud connection on which Neo Milano has laid its foundations: the Internet of Things. They will be taught the basic principles of web and networks, long-range connectivity, industrial IoT, 5G connectivity and many more through lectures. Furthermore, they will be able to put the knowledge gathered into practice with case studies and practical laboratories. Participants with any level of knowledge on the topic are welcome.

They’ll have the chance to admire the city in broad daylight, exploring both its sprawls and the most modern neighbourhoods, left untouched by the recent riotings. During the night they’ll be introduced to Neo Milano’s “neon - lightened” alter ego, experiencing the local clubs and taverns where the citizens like to crawl around while they aren’t scavenging tech graveyards.

And sparkling lights are not the only thing that the chosen ones will live in the city: they’ll be thrown in the middle of a game (is it?) where they’ll play a part in the ongoing conflict for the dominion of the “Nebiun”.

Will the participants use their newly found skills to side with the Corporations that rule the majority of the city, or will they choose to help the mysterious dissident group that goes by the name of “R”?

Well, the choice is up to them… or up to you?

Applications to our IMW are now open! Check the details and apply here.

Organizing Committee