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Rotkaeppchen goes wild

Rotkaeppchen goes wild
Event Name Rotkaeppchen goes wild
Organizing Committee Karlsruhe
Date 2019-07-15 - 2019-07-21
Number of Members 14
Participation Fee 85
Deadline June 12, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 14

Once upon a time Erik sent Rotkaeppchen (little red riding hood) with a basket filled with the best gifts for her grandmother. In the basket she could find delicious things like Kirschwasser, Obstler and some of the best beer in the land but that wasn’t all. Some exquisite food: a fresh loaf of bread and even a pot of self made Swabian pockets. On her way into the wild and black forest she hummed her favourite tunes.Once she arrived at her grandmother’s hut she found her with her teeth being a lot lot longer and her having a lot more hair than she used to have. Rotkaeppchen asked her grandmother: “Grandmother, why are your ears so big?” Her grandmother replied:” So I can hear hir aj kam hir aj go better.” “Why are your nails so long?” she asked again. “So I can paint them better.” “Why is your nose so long?” “So I can smell the Jäger better.” she said with a hoarse voice. “Why is your tongue so long?” “So I can kiss you better.” She answered while winking. “Why is your skin so furry?” “So I can cuddle you better.” “What’s up with all the rubber ducks on your shelf?” “That’s not of your ducking business so stop quacking around!” With those words said the plan was clear. Rotkaeppchen would enjoy some incredible things.

For joining us in our Black Forest cabin we ask for nothing more than 14 brave EESTECers who are not afraid of the Bad Wolf. They will surely experience not only living inside the magical woods for three days but also exploring our story’s scenery. If they’re able to pass the adventure our companions will be rewarded with the contents of Rotkaeppchen’s basket and eventually they will get to see EESTEC’s most famous duck’s home city. Those who make it through the challenging labyrinths around the Schlossgarten are of course eager to party with Carly on one of our city’s greatest musical festivals, DAS FEST for three more wonderful days. As two storytellers in the old times always concluded their fairytales: And if they didn’t pass away they still live among us today.

Organizing Committee