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Sandbox Sandbox Sandbox
Event Name Sandbox
Organizing Committee Novi Sad
Date 2015-11-22 - 2015-11-29
Number of Members 4
Deadline Oct. 16, 2015, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 18

Dear EESTECers,

Are you ready to fire up your autumn? Book your tickets and pack your bags because LC Novi Sad is here with another workshop. This time we invite you to our playground - Sandbox!

Be prepared to experience the best of Serbian hospitality. We deployed a little army of EESTECers to help you at every step of your adventure. From squad consisted of motivated cooks led by The Chef, to the Activity group that will guide you through the best hacks of students and night life here in Novi Sad.

Get ready to enjoy every second of educational part of this workshop! After introductory and educational lectures held by IT experts, it all comes down to 24 hours of competitive hackathon where you and your teammates will compete for awesome one of a kind EESTEC prizes! :D

These lecturers will become your mentors to help you prepare and develop your ideas.

Develop your teamwork and put to the test your programming, designing and leadership skills at our playground.

We know there are those of you who are not yet into programming stuff, so we decided to offer you a chance to apply for the spots as beginners, who will also have crucial role when it comes to deciding one type of the winners. These participants will also attend all lectures in order to qualify for this spot.

Prepare for a lot of fun and adventures involving narrow streets, green parks and all kind of historical monuments and beautiful view from Petrovaradin Fortress right next to Danube river.

There are also plenty of clubs and pubs to party with all new friends you'll meet here.

Novi Sad is city to remember!

Do you have what it takes? Let us know. We are expecting you to apply!

Please note in your application if you are applying for programmer, designer or beginner spot.

P.S. Take a look at our flickr albums and remind yourself of our previous workshop! :)

Organizing Committee