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Wine'W Year III

Wine'W Year III Wine'W Year III Wine'W Year III
Event Name Wine'W Year III
Organizing Committee Izmir
Date 2018-12-21 - 2018-12-23
Number of Members 28
Participation Fee 50
Deadline Dec. 3, 2018, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 80

        We are achieving what Mayans couldn’t!! The end of the World is coming on 21/12/2018 with Wine’w Year III by LC İzmir. Are you ready for being lost in the pale pages of ancient Mayan Calender?


        As LC Izmir, we will continue our journey by solving the passwords in Math Village and drag you to a beautiful and challenging adventure . We will get lost in the sacred cellars of Sirince, taste a thousand kinds of wine and take a step closer to the treasure. Take the spirit and courage of EESTEC and find the 2000-year-old treasure of oracle at the end of this journey!


        We're going to push our limits in this dangerous yet fun adventure. We'll be tired and hungry. The kingly table will be waiting for us. A dining table worthy of kings will be waiting for us. Imagine, you're in a lush nature at the top of the mountains, an ancient restaurant overlooking the pool, a fireplace that warm you up and a hot glass of wine alongside the delicious dishes... we can see your mouth turning into a waterfall . After this magnificent meal, we will pass to our chalets to prepare for the night. Speaking of mountain houses; A place where you feel the harmony of technology and nature until the end, fresh air refreshing your lungs, hearing birds in the morning and the sweet sun rays hitting your face through the windows. We do not want to upset the EESTECers who cannot come. (You can browse photos for a few spoilers.)


         As we bring the end of the world, we will also pass you into a new age. On the our magical night, which connects Saturday to Sunday, we will move to the EESTEC Age when the clock is 12. What is waiting for you in the EESTEC Age? We know you're wondering. Firstly, we will perform our ritual eestec dance with songs under the starry sky. Then we will continue our night with our surprise concept party. If you want to live together these extraordinary adventures and experiences, you can apply to us without being late. If you don't want to regret it, we advise you to apply!


         Note: In honor of the 3rd year of the LC Izmir Wine New Year event, we will give 3 bottles of wine to the craziest, the least sleeper and the most alcohol drinkers !!! (We hope you will force us to make our choices :)If you have any question don't hesitate to ask;



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