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Wine'W Year IV

Wine'W Year IV
Event Name Wine'W Year IV
Organizing Committee Izmir
Date 2019-12-20 - 2019-12-22
Number of Members 56
Participation Fee 60
Deadline Dec. 5, 2019, 11:59 p.m.
Maximum Participants 85

Hello EESTECers who have EESTEC spirit in their heart! Wine’W Year is back! We all know that it has been a tough week after the BoostCamp which LC Izmir organised so we should surpass it and must full our energy! As LC Izmir, we are offering you the most enjoyable and historical event in winter! We think all EESTECers deserve to see this ancient village called Şirince during this time of the year. Don’t you wonder how Mayans decided that this village is the safest place on earth when the apocalypse turns up? According to the belief, the mountain which has the shape of letter “M” won’t be demolished on the apocalypse day (21 December 2012). A ship is going to show up from the heart of a mountain which is 321 meters high and the people who have the chance to sail with this ship will survive from the end of the world. Well, if you attend to this event, you will be able to see everything about this mystery. But how? First of all; we want to inform you that you will fill your time with the endless unique moments. We are inviting you to commune with mother nature in our amazing village. Imagine, you're in a lush nature at the top of the mountains, there is an ancient restaurant overlooking the pool, a fireplace that warm you up and the famous hot glass of wine you can taste which made by the villagers of Şirince. You can feel the peace among the foliage and get the chance to meet new EESTECers! Besides these peaceful moments, you will also have the chance to taste hundreds kinds of different wines, to see the antique wine cellars and the ancient churches which built more than over 200 years ago. Of course, we didn’t forget about the parties! As a result of having the experience of organising this event for the 4th time, we assure you that you will be waiting Wine’W Year IV impatiently after the event. If you want to live these extraordinary experiences together, you should apply without being late. We guarantee that you will not feel any regrets. LC Izmir is waiting for you!

For the ones who ask, the exact time we will arrive in Buca,Izmir on Sunday will be 1pm GMT +3

Organizing Committee