Electrical Engineering Students' European Association Electrical Engineering Students' European Association

EESTEC International Board of 2017/ 2018


Natalia Saranti
Natalia Saranti

Responsible for the functioning of the Association.

Responsible for Board Meetings and Congresses.

Responsible for operational work of the Board.

Responsible for preparing monthly board report.


Iza Burnik
Iza Burnik

Ensuring Liquidity of EESTEC International

Responsible for fundraising

Companies contact person

Responsible for bookkeeping and financial reports

VC Internal Affairs

Gizem Atasolmaz
Gizem Atasolmaz

Responsible for internal communication, information flow and coordination of events

Responsible for coordinating the work of Contact Persons of Local Committees

Responsible for internal activation and motivation

Responsible for keeping in touch with alumni section

Responsible for guiding new Local Committees

VC Publications and Administration

Christos Marios Plotas
Christos Marios Plotas

Responsible for production and improvement of promotional materials

Responsible for web publishing

Responsible for promotional projects of EESTEC International

Responsible for the supervision and the work of the following EESTEC International

Bodies: Design Team, Magazine Team, International Bureau

VC External Affairs

Marta Błaszczyk
Marta Błaszczyk

Activation of new EESTEC observers

Contacts with other student organizations

EU affairs

Public Relations