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3rd Brand.Comm - This is all you need to know

3rd Brand.Comm - This is all you need to know

Although this pandemic has affected all of us, a long time ago EESTEC made a promise to all the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science students to organize free Operational Events and Workshops to help guide them into their professional careers and gather important knowledge. But, in order to keep that promise, we had to overcome a big challenge and that was to move all of our events to the online environment. Thanks to our incredible and hard-working Teams and branches we were able to do just that and continue with our mission to help the students achieve the best version of themselves. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we have upgraded our Operational Events to their online versions. Same experience from within your home. 

LC Istanbul and our PR Team took previously gathered knowledge and went on to organize the 3rd Brand.Comm for the 16 EESTECers that participated. Brand.Comm is an operational event focusing on the fields of Public Relations, Corporate Relations, and Branding. And it is all about passing the knowledge to branches via their participants and encouraging them to use the power of social media, especially in these still challenging times. The event took place from 09th of January to 14th of January 2021.

What happened behind the curtains of the event?

This edition of Brand.Comm was organized as a 6-day event..

Out of these 6 days, during 4 days of the event 9 sessions were heldcovering different topics within this field such as:

  • Introduction to PR & CR

  • Digital Marketing

  • Branding of EESTEC

  • Creative Thinking & Idea Development

  • Creating a Partnership Offer

  • Business Communication

  • Strategic Planning

  • CR-PR Strategy

  • Transfer Your Knowledge Locally

Besides the training sessions, our participants spent quality time learning about traditions and places from outside their countries during the International Night and City Rally - Informal Activities that took place on the 3rd and 4th day respectively, which made this event an even bigger success thanks to LC Istanbul.

Who was responsible for delivering the sessions?

All of the sessions during the event were delivered by experienced EESTEC members of our community aka Brand.Comm Facilitators:

Giorgos Balamotis - CR Team Coordinator 19/20

Marija Kovacevic - PR Team Coordinator for Education 20/21 and 2nd Brand.Comm Participant

Mina Milic - Market Analysis Team Coordinator  (CR Team board) 20/21 and 2nd Brand.Comm Facilitator

Tin Ferkovic - VC-PR of LC Zagreb and 2nd Brand.Comm Participant

Vasilije Pantic - EESTech Challenge Project PR Team Coordinator 20/21 and PR Coordinator - Spring Congress Organizing Committee 2020

Thank you for your contribution! 

Considering everything that went into making this event and the feedback we received from our participants, we consider this to have been a great experience for both them and the organizers. This is just the beginning of our online events journey (although we hope we’ll be able to come back to real life events once the pandemic is over), throughout which we aim to improve our Association as a whole.