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4th IT Sprint finished, here's how it went

4th IT Sprint finished, here's how it went

While many student organizations struggled with their work during this time of the pandemic, EESTEC has managed to successfully adapt to the online environment. One of the biggest selling points of our Association towards students has always been free Workshops and Operational Events our branches organize to support our members in their professional growth. So when the pandemic hit and student mobility became limited, hardworking people in our Association took this matter into their own hands and transformed the way our events are being organized, thus welcoming online editions of many of our Operational Events that are crucial for the development of EESTEC in general.

Our very first Operational Event that got to be organized online (in early August 2020) was the 3rd edition of the IT Sprint by IT Team and LC Trieste After just 4 months, the 4th IT Sprint was organized by the IT Team, but this time together with LC Tirana. The event aimed to educate their 16 participants on some of the technologies used by our IT Team in the creation of the new EESTEC website, as well as to develop the participant’s hard skills and get them ready for their future professions. The event took place from 16.12 - 20.12.2020.

What happened behind the curtains of the event?

This edition of IT Sprint was organized into two parts in the span of five days.

During the weekdays (Wednesday to Friday) there were sessions on the technologies and techniques that are currently used by the EESTECnet team towards the creation of the new EESTEC website:


  • - A full course on React (basics and advanced sessions)

  • - Advances Git techniques (as a version control system)

  • - Introduction to the Scrum framework (as a part of the Agile movement)

  • - Introduction to UI/UX design

The weekend was reserved for a hackathon, where participants worked towards building a feature for the new EESTECnet website - the login page. They were split into teams that competed with each other and they worked in a Scrum environment, simulating the process of a full Sprint in just two days.

Who was responsible for delivering the sessions?

All of the sessions during the event were delivered by experienced EESTEC members of our community aka IT Sprint Facilitators:

  • - Aggelos Diamantopoulos - Design Team board, Workflow Coordinator

  • - Moritz Knueppel - Professional Scrum Master, EESTEC Alumni, IT Team Leader in 2014, Treasurer of the Association in 2015

  • - Konstantinos Kotorenis - Design Team board, Education Coordinator

  • - Athina Kyriakou - IT Team board, Knowledge and Education Coordinator

  • - Thomas Maurice - Backend Engineer, EESTEC Alumni

  • - Balázs Reppert - EESTECnet team member 

  • - George Tzovlas - IT Team board, Leader

  • - EESTEC IT Team, Knowledge and Education team members

Thank you for your contribution! 

All in all, the IT Sprint turned out to be a great experience for both organizers and participants and a great example of EESTEC’s online editions of Operational Events to other EESTEC Teams and branches. There are plenty of events yet to be organized so keep following us for updates!