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7th Design Sprint finished, here's how it went

7th Design Sprint finished, here's how it went

Design Sprint aims to educate EESTECers on the impact of visual communication by understanding design concepts and implementing them after acquiring the necessary knowledge on design tools. The goal of this event is to give the participants the opportunity to understand the importance of design and how to take advantage of the information provided during sessions in order to contribute to the visual identity of the Association. 

Design Sprint started on the 11th of March and it lasted for 5 days. During this event, the participants acquired general design theory knowledge, learned how to use the Adobe tools and worked in teams on a design project; this year, the project was to create the brand image of an EESTEC event and the results were more than satisfying to see!

What happened behind the curtains of the event?

As previously mentioned, the event took place in the period of 11.03.2021- 15.03.2021.

During the 7th Design Sprint, the participants had a busy schedule went through many sessions:

  • Introduction to Design Principles

  • What is Branding and the Brand of EESTEC

  • Creativity Session

  • Logo Design

  • Adobe Illustrator 

  • Adobe InDesign

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Video Theory

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere

  • UI/UX design theory

  • Adobe XD

Who was responsible for delivering the sessions?

The 7th Design Sprint was organized by the Design Team board, in collaboration with the Board of the Association and the Organizing Committee, LC Izmir.

The facilitators of the event (responsibles for the sessions) were experienced members:

Aggelos Diamantopoulos - Design Team Coordinator for Workflow 2020-2021

Andrei Tudosie - Design Team Coordinator for Video 2020-2021

Diana Radoi - Design Team Leader 2020-2021

Dragan Mitic - Design Team Leader 2018-2019

Iulia Iacob - 11th Generation Trainer

Konstantinos Kotorenis - Design Team Coordinator for Education 2020-2021

Mihaela Statescu - 11th Generation Trainer

Peter Wern - Design Team Leader 2019-2020

Valentin Libar - 6th Design Sprint Facilitator 

As every EESTEC event, the academic part is as important as the recreation and cultural awareness part. LC Izmir guided the participants through the town and the Turkish culture with great success. They managed to create a  friendly atmosphere and create opportunities for participants to connect with each other.

Overall, the Design Sprint was a fantastic experience for both organizers and participants, and it served as an excellent demonstration of EESTEC's online editions of Operational Events to other EESTEC Teams and branches. There are still a lot of events to come, so stay tuned for more!