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COC always wanted

COC always wanted

Article based on the interview with Spring COC from LC Ljubljana

Interviewees: Iza Burnik, Jakob Premrn, Leon Štefanič Južnič, Luka Benčan, Saša Janjić

Authors: Emina Sikira and Zehra Sikira

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away and then a little to the north, and just a move or two to the west of the Balkans, we had met the most inspiring EESTEC Crew ever. As a part of a strong and bounded family which is usually recognized as LC Awesome among EESTECers, or just like LC Ljubljana among ''muggles'', they had realized that their time just arrived. Being a part of #CongressToRemember had made them more motivated than ever to outdo themselves, to outdo even the Congress, so they had decided to become the next Congress Organizing Committee. Their motivation and perspiration became our inspiration and aspiration, therefore by each day that ticks away until the next Spring Congress, we wish them to be everything more, like more motivated, more workaholic, more willful, and just a few things less, like stressless or frustrationless.

 Possible tattoo ideas the Crew want to do some day  

Although our dear readers may think that nothing good can come from blondes or that some people will never settle, be serious and do things properly, this team of fantastic five proved one more time, that one should never judge a book by its cover. Iza, Jakob, Leon, Luka and Saša showed us that misconceptions are regular things when it comes to true inspiring people.

When asked about basic reasons they chose to be members of EESTEC in the first place, Iza and Leon told us that they just wanted to meet new friends, to hang out more with their peers and just to see the world. The accuracy of the well-known proverb: "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back", was best seen in the example of Luka, since his inner motivation for becoming an EESTECer was just to see what exactly is EESTEC, and why is all the hype around it. Through the diversity of their primal motives, it can be seen the highly productive team which respects all the differences and pushes the boundaries. Furthermore, the fact that they even got the pragmatic ones in the team, like Saša, who just wanted to travel for free, or like Jakob who wanted to learn and see something new, made this team even more EESTECular.

The COC, from the left Jakob, Saša, Leon, Iza and Luka

Someone will think they are saints, but ooouuu dear readers, they even got time to prove that wrong. In EESTEC corners you need to take care of your LC's things to the highest level possible because you can never be assured from where the danger comes. Those who think opposite are usually the ones crying for their missing flags and giving their last breath to fulfill the challenges given to them in order to regain their flags. Believe it or not, some of them even became highly motivated little monsters and stole a flag of EESTEC International. The wolves in lambs skin, some of you will say, however you should have in your mind that even he is weaker than both lion and bear, wolf still never plays in circus, so be aware, be very aware of this gang on your events (if you don't want to risk and do the strangest things ever as a challenges).

And just when we started thinking about them as a regular flag thieves, these intellectual badasses showed us their final rabbit from the hat, and everything we thought we knew, fell down in the river. How can you not respect someone who thinks about his friends and family as a perfect trail of happiness? Indeed, someone who considers its best friend as a real life hero, or just someone who is aware that ''all his friends may be pranksters sometimes'' but still loves them and appreciates them as real life heroes every day.

While we’re running away to jump on ‘Perspektiva’ all we can say for the conclusion is, that we wish for them all the best, for their Congress organizing things, and for the whole LC Ljubljana.

Dear Crew, make us proud again on this Spring’s Congress!