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CRedit 2.0, a tour in the corporate world

CRedit 2.0, a tour in the corporate world

Our Association is known for the free events that it organizes live. However, with the situation with the COVID-19, it had to be adapted to the online environment. The events that aim to improve EESTEC as an organization are the operational ones. Through these type of events, EESTECers improve their skills on a specific topic.

Our Operational Event that got to be organized online in early March 2021 was the 2nd edition of the CRedit by the CR Team and LC Bucharest. The aim of the event was to educate the 16 participants on Corporate Relations for successfully creating and implementing end-to-end fundraising campaigns on the International level of EESTEC. The event took place from 03.03 - 08.03.2021.

What happened behind the curtains of the event?

From Wednesday to Monday, CRedit was divided into 4 main axeswhich are “research”, ”preparation”, “contact” and “follow Up Evaluation”. Specifically, there were sessions about:

  • Market analysis, service creation and pricing

  • Effective communication and negotiation

  • Customer experience management

  • Value Measurement and scalability

Who was responsible for delivering the sessions?

All of the sessions during the event were delivered by experienced EESTEC members of our community aka CRedit Facilitators:

  • Anastasia Outziola - Corporate Relations Team board, Corporate Relations Projects Coordinator

  • Anna Maria Vakiani - Corporate Relations Team board, Corporate Relations Team Leader

  • Giorgos Balamiotis - Last year’s Corporate Relations Team board, CR Team Coordinator

  • Mina Milic - Coorporate Relations Team board, Market Analyst

  • Dafni Spyridoula Ventza - Last year’s Vice Chairperson for External Affairs at EESTEC

Thank you for your contribution! 

After all, CRedit 2.0 was a memorable experience for both the participants and the facilitators as well as for the Organizing Committee - LC Bucharest. Τhis virtual journey has come to an end but the opportunities at EESTEC are many, so stay tuned!