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How everything started - LC Gliwice

How everything started - LC Gliwice

Article written by Bartosz Kawłatow in cooperation with Alumni Strategy Team

Many people think that success is an outcome of hard work and great luck. In the case of establishing Local Committee Gliwice, the "lucky" part was ironically not really lucky for other eestec members. Because of the last minute cancellation on Krakow's KrakYourNet '11, only domestic LC's could be able to fill the free spot. Unfortunately, nobody from the members of other polish committees applied and hosts started looking for the missing participant through the personal contacts on other polish Universities. Luckily, thanks to my friends I found out about the workshop and decided to apply. It is gonna be fun, I thought. Back then, I couldn't suppose that this moment is going to be a huge change in my studies and a life for next few years. After Krakow’s event, the next one with similar application circumstances was Wroclaw. We all know how the post event depression looks like, and that the only remedy is actually to go there again. I was aware that other events are just the question of the time. At some point I realized that it would be worth to try establishing our own association here, in Gliwice. At the beginning I thought: let's try to find few people here, maybe we will be able to run local projects and somebody else is going to take over. What else you can expect after visiting LCs with 50+ members and being served with the highest standards including chocolate fountains for breakfast...

Kawalot_3 years after.jpg

In the most optimistic dreams I couldn’t forecast, that in just 3 years we are gonna organize 3 workshops, gather so many ambitious and positive members and create with them a great base for next projects. The very main conclusion from my entire NGO career is that any success is achieved by a dose of luck, but solely by the hard work and seizing encountered opportunities.

It is impossible not to mention at least some of the benefits I have gained by the affiliation with EESTEC. Working on numerous projects within my LC and stumbling all the problems changed my personality quite significantly. When I look back at myself from few years before, I often think: dude, you made good choice :) Attending 13 workshops gave the unique chance to learn two foreign languages and meet one of the most ambitious European students. With some of them I am currently starting a startup and hopefully, you will hear about us soon! :)