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Leaders of Tomorrow 7

Leaders of Tomorrow 7

A journey of growth, inspiration, motivation for 16 lions

Leaders of Tomorrow is an Operational Event which aims to raise Leaders within EESTEC. These Leaders shape the future of our Association.This year the 7th edition of LoTr was organized online by LC Ankara and Training Team between 28th of May and 2nd of June. Even in the online atmosphere the 16 participants from 13 different branches managed to develop their skill sets necessary to become a leader. They learned to embrace their unique way of leading and support each other in their journey of leadership.

Which topics were covered in the event?

During six days of Leaders of Tomorrow 7, many training sessions were held on a wide range of topics which are significant for the growth of leaders:

  • Team Development

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Communication Skills

  • Empathy

  • Crisis Management

  • Motivation

  • Facilitation Methods

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Self Reflection & Appreciation

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Goal Setting

Who was responsible for delivering the sessions?

The trainers of the event were very experienced EESTECers who had different leading positions in our Association before:

Anna Maria Vakiani - EESTEC Trainer / Corporate Relations Team Leader

Dimitra Petsa - EESTEC Trainer / Online poWered Learning team Coordinator

Fotini Lamprogeorgou - EESTEC Trainer

Petra Tankovic - EESTEC Trainer

Tunca Deniz Yazıcı - EESTEC Trainer / Supervisory Board Member

Overall, LoTr 7 was an unforgettable experience for the participants, organizers and the trainers. During LoTr 7, the participants had the opportunity to discover the leader's potential within them, obtain self-awareness, embrace their imperfections and grow together.