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Novi Sad State Of Mind

Novi Sad State Of Mind

Article based on an interview with LC Novi Sad

Interviewees: Boban Poznanovic and Milica Stankovic.

Author: Dorina Filova

“ It comes down to reality

And it's fine with me cause I've let it slide

I don't care if it's Petrovaradin or on Danube’s riverside

I don't have any reasons, I left them all behind

I'm in a Novi Sad state of mind

Oh yeah… “

Dorina Filova, cover 2016 

(not a legitimate one though, sorry Billy Joel)

Hello dear readers, it’s me again…This time writing about an LC that comes from the beautiful, charming city of Novi Sad, a place that is really special to me, since it opened the doors and welcomed me into my EESTEC adventure.

I think each one of you can relate and admit how cool it is to share a few words about your first  international experience and relieve the memories with a couple of buddies that you see once or twice a year, but always have the urge to hug them, talk to them… and of course, later party the Balkan way. 

Also, let’s not forget that my first event in Novi Sad was the time when I started my “desperately trying to speak Serbian” era and victimization of people around me with my beautiful accent. ☺

In this article I had the pleasure to talk to the amazing crew from LC Novi Sad, specifically with Mr. Chairperson Boban Poznanovic and the lovely lady Ms. HR Milica Stankovic.

Since being EESTECers, engineers and such hardworking people isn’t enough, at the beginning we established that we all want a little getaway from reality and enter the superhero world. Milica told us that she’s always on the move, trying to finish all her daily tasks, so she could use the ability to run at the speed of light and be in a red Flash suit for a change.  Boban on the other hand, already used the superhero costume, saved the day and sent as a picture as a proof: 

Later, we started chatting about EESTEC and Boban and Milica explained how they began their journey.  Mr. Chairperson, believe it or not, was drawn into the organization just by a little candy tied up in an EESTEC leaflet… We find beauty in small things, right ☺ ?

The rest is more than two years of awesome EESTEC experience” - he says

Milica told me that the love for EESTEC grew with every second spent on projects and hangouts. She also adores the energy, the knowledge and the lovely EESTECers surrounding her.  But it wasn’t always like that.  At the beginning, she had to be tricked by her best friends to join and after so many notifications and emails, she “gave into” and says it’s the best decision she has ever made. ☺

Also, since they’re both board members, i had to ask what the motivation behind this responsibility was.  They both agreed that EESTEC with all its challenges and opportunities, makes them move forward in life, improve themselves to become better people and they both feel like their hard work as individuals makes a contribution to the whole organization.

But these guys just cannot rest! When I asked them to talk about how they manage their free time, they both smiled, made some jokes and told me that making priorities and well organization in life is the key to not becoming insane with all these tasks and responsibilities ☺

Just go with the flow. The key for sure is to never forget to have fun or take some time just for yourself.
Everyone needs a prize and some time alone after hard work.

 says Milica

To keep my time well organized I try to create some guideline throughout the whole week. It really keeps me motivated to accomplish those tasks that I intended to solve. In my free time I like to read articles about new technologies and prepare myself for future career” – explains Boban.

The guys explained to me that they tend to encourage more proactive people to join because it’s always refreshing to hear about their interesting and new ideas. They really praise the teamwork and try to invest as much as possible in friendship and developing new skills and making opportunities.

Speaking about their future plans, here are some interesting thoughts I caught:

Milica:  “Well, at this point we’re solving some local stuff, but expect the unexpected. You never know with us how we might surprise you. “ ;)

Boban:  “We are currently working on our local Soft Skills Academy. It will be second time this year that we are organizing this type of event. After that will start working on new projects and spreading EESTEC spirit all aroung Novi Sad

Also, each year our crew from Novi Sad is blessed with the opportunity to make a reunion with other EESTECEers during the EXIT festival.  We’ve talked about that experience and some funny moments they shared with me. Milica told me that this year EXIT was actually their first project as a new board and quite a challenge to organize so many people in one place.  She also laughs when recalling the funny story about how one well known EESTECer got lost.  But I made a pinky promise to her that I won’t reveal his identity (Okay, it’s a “he”, I gave you a hint ☺).  

Boban is satisfied with how it all ended and mentions that they also had the time to promote the organization during the EXIT Festival and got an excellent feedback.  He says that he enjoyed the energy of so many EESTECers, dancing and partying like there’s no tomorrow!  And after all…eat, sleep and rave was our motto! 

In their free time, when they’re not working or planning some new events, LC Novi Sad members are drinking coffee, chilling, doing sports, partying, having the traditional barbecue, travelling and most importantly of all - spreading the EESTEC spirit and enjoying each other’s company. 

Inside of our LC we try to connect people and create as much possibilities for them to hang out and be happy.” 

says Boban

And saving the best for the last, as successful and enthusiastic young people I asked them to give us some good advice for our next generation of EESTECers out there. Here’s what they shared with me :

Milica: “I would like to share our attitude towards other LCs - Be friendly, be helpful, share the knowledge you possess, help others grow, because (I really love this sentence) our network is strong as much as our weakest commitment. We’re here because we have similar thoughts, similar passions. We’re here to make bonds, friendships, or as I like to call it, to make a second family. Make every second count because our student days will be over in a blink of an eye, so make it all count. And people, visit Novi Sad, we’ve heard that we’re excellent hosts but if you don’t believe us come and see for yourselves. ☺

Boban: “I would like to say thank you for the awesome questions and I really hope that this will be interesting for others to read. If anybody feels like travelling to Novi Sad, there are a lot of awesome EESTECers here that are eager to meet you. To see what we’re  doing throughout the year,  follow us on our social media and official web site www.eestecns.org  “