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Octoberfest 2016 with LC Munich

Octoberfest 2016 with LC Munich

Article based on an interview with LC Munich
Author: Dorina Filova

Sprechen Sie Bayerisch? Well, me neither, but i was lucky that my wonderful EESTECers from LC Munich led me through the 16 day journey called Octoberfest.

You know, a colorful parade of carriages and people in costumes start walking the streets of Munich, you smell the delicious pleasure called pretzels, pretty ladies proudly wearing their dirndls and lederhosen and offering beer… Prepare your stomach and stamina, because at noon when the mayor says “O’ zapft is”, it means it’s Octoberfest o’ time

When you’re not tasting the finest of Munich beer, you’ll probably be amusing yourself and testing your limits on spectacular rides such as the famous “Hollenblitz” or the “Skyfall” … or simply enjoy the sounds of Bavarian folk music and celebrate the culture.

Source: Facebook

From the 18th till the 25th of September, EESTECers were challenged to participate and “survive” the awesomeness of the world’s largest folk festival and trust me, they say they’ve had the best time enjoying the perks of it and taking entertainment on a whole new level. For all the curious readers out there, we even had a romantic story that happened during this event and whoever thinks that beer cannot be involved in romance, is apparently wrong! And as Pink Floyd would probably say: “Oh, how i wish you were beer “:)

Enthusiasts, travel junkies, beer fanatics and all of you who seek for “once in a lifetime experience”, pack your bags next September and let yourselves be drawn into this Munich madness, feel the amazing atmosphere and come back home with funny stories about memorable moments and opportunities. Prost!