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New project, new challenge with EESTech Challenge

New project, new challenge with EESTech Challenge

Article based on an interview with EESTech Challenge Team members

Author: Maja Korunoska

EESTEC Technology Challenge (abbreviation: EESTech Challenge) is a new concept that aims to make our Association stronger and to give the chance to Commitments to implement a project of technical international character. By having an up-to-date technological topic, the competition is desired to raise the visibility of EESTEC locally among both the professors and students; therefore, the academic part of our Association will be accentuated. The focus and the topic of the competition will be chosen annually; this year’s topic is Machine Learning.

When was this team founded?

The team was founded at the beginning of August 2016. Work of the EC board has started with the first meeting, which was held on 11th of August.

What will happen on an event?

The competition consists of Local Rounds, which will be held in 16 cities and the Final Round, which will take place during May in Zurich, Switzerland. Local Rounds will be implemented between January and March and the winners of the Local Rounds will pass to the Final Round, where they will compete with their colleagues from the other LCs. Moreover, online seminars / webinars are planned to be used as a free educational tool during the following months.

Besides the EC board itself, there are 4 more teams as a part of EESTech Challenge: PR team, FR team, OS team and Ambassadors team. The goal is personal and professional development of each member, so there are no special skills required except high motivation and desire for both self-improvement and strengthening our Commitments.

And 3 members told us, why they became part of this team:


“I really believe in this project and the benefits it can bring to EESTEC both locally and internationally. Being a part of it gives me inspiration achieve wonderful things with incredible, motivated people!”

says Melina Tourni, Online Seminars Coordinator

“When I first heard about the idea of this project, I knew that it has a potential to accomplish some great, new things in EESTEC. I decided that I want to be a part of it, that I want to contribute in making our Association stronger. Since then, my motivation only has been increasing thanks to my wonderful team, and their daily inspiration.”

Ema Ninić, Ambassadors Coordinator

“After experiencing almost everything I could locally I knew it was time for a new challenge. I was considering several int. teams. But when I first got introduced to the idea of this project I knew I had to go for this. So many LC’s working together on a single project, with a single vision...this is what EESTEC needed and I am glad to be one of the people who can help us all achieve it."

                                                                                                                              Damir Kovačević, FR Coordinator: 

What are these year plans?

EESTEC’s competition aims to make our Commitments even stronger and more prominent, and therefore to make our Association more powerful; by uniting our ideas, we want to create a recognizable brand throughout the whole Europe. EC board will be helping each Commitment in the process of organization, and provide them some common materials needed for the quality implementation (FR offer, promotional materials, task, etc). By being a part of one team, Head Organisers of each Local Round will be able to help each other and share experiences in order to make the competition as successful as possible.

Local Commitments that will organize Local Round in their cities are: JLC Almería, LC Ankara, LC Athens, LC Belgrade, JLC Catania, LC Cosenza, LC Gliwice, LC Krakow, LC Lille, LC Novi Sad, LC Patras, LC Sarajevo, LC Tirana, LC Tuzla, LC Zagreb and LC Zürich which will also held the Final Round of EESTech Challange.