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Tech Your Future with EESTech Challenge!

Tech Your Future with EESTech Challenge!

Where did it come from? Where will it go? What are we doing at the moment?

Shortly about upcoming year with EESTech Challenge.

What is EESTech Challenge?

This year EESTEC’s competition is reborn with a new structure and concept. The main aim of this project is to create opportunities for students to improve their knowledge in the field of EECS and expand the professional network. For this year, the new up-to-date topic is chosen - Machine Learning, because of the rising interest within not only students, but also companies and universities.

And what about the name? EC Board decided to ask EESTECers for help! After the poll was conducted, there were more than 15 proposals! It was an extremely tough task to decide on the name that will remain for the future, but... Finally, the EESTech Challenge was chosen, and the new chapter has begun!

How will it look like?

The competition consists of Local Rounds and the Final Round organised by Commitments all over Europe. Local Rounds (LRs) are organised by LCs and should be implemented between January and March. The winners of LRs will pass to the Final Round which will take place in May.

You may be asking yourselves who will participate in the competition? The answer is simple - each student who will dare to test his knowledge, work in the team and learn something new will be more than welcome!

As a preparation for the Local and Final Rounds there will be several online seminars organised. As a support for the promotion and fundraising, the Ambassador system will be implemented - Main Organisers of the Local Rounds will be the ambassadors of their Commitments and they will lead the project!

Why is EESTech Challenge so important?

EESTech Challenge is a big international project. It definitely gives a chance to the Local Commitments to raise International Awareness amongst their members, which will strenghten EESTEC network even more. The quality of the local FR should be increased, having in mind the topic and the structure ofthe project; it is expected for the local companies to be more interested in the financial support of the Commitements.

This project cannot be implemented without the support of the Commitments. Be aware that each EESTECer is crucial in this project - only together EESTECers can create a strong and recognisable brand! After succesfully implemented, the project will ensure the organizational growth and make EESTEC even more professional.

EESTech Challenge is a brand to be built. It has a huge potential to be successful in the near future and it will  be soon the flagship project of EESTEC. However, it depends on each and every EESTECer, because only together we can make it happen.

The call for the organisers of the Local Rounds is sent!  Don’t miss the chance and apply until 6th of October for the Local Rounds and 9th of October for the Final Round!!