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Training Team in spotlight

Article based on an interview with Training Team
Author: Maja Korunoska

The EESTEC Training Team is a group of trainers ready to deliver the very best trainings aiming to teach soft skills, develop characters, pass on knowledge and continuously improve our association and support its growth on both local and international level.

The team was founded in 2008/09. A group of EESTECers saw the need for a team that will help EESTEC grow with sharing knowledge, skills and attitudes related to soft skills and EESTEC work. Soon after the idea was born, the first T4T in Sarajevo was organized where a group of experts trained our 1st generation of EESTEC trainers.

What is T4T?

It is a special event, with tons of EESTEC spirit and atmosphere of self-improvement and stepping out of comfort zone.

T4T stands for Training for Trainers. Like the name implies trainers (official EESTEC trainers, members of TrT) are preparing a program and delivering sessions for the new generation of trainers. They, after successfully participating this event, become new members of TrT - the new generation of trainers is born on every T4T.

Mojca Bertoncelj, one of a team member answered why she became a trainer in the first place.

“I got totally hooked on soft skills on TOOL - LoTr in Krakow 2014(?). From there on I started discovering more and more about it and realizing that is something that I want in my life. And if it is so great for me, there must me others who are just waiting to discover it as well, so I need to share it with others…”

What are plans of Training Team this year?

Some are similar to last year some are new.

Definitely training events. T4T - thank you LC Bucharest for organizing it. TOOL - Leaders of Tomorrow, which is one week event regarding leadership skills, we are currently looking for OC (if you are reading this, start convincing your commitment to apply ;)). We are also working on a new event with EduTeam.

Happy to say that we receive a record amount of calls for trainers in the last months, hope to keep the number high.

We have a new Facebook page. Our members are helping creating better archives of training materials. Ongoing discussions on how to improve and what to change inside the team.

In one sentence: plan is to make TrT even more awesome than it is.

For the most interesting training, they said that they love all the soft skills topics so it is hard to choose one. Important part of every session are participants attending it. They like the most delivering on training events since the atmosphere there is really special.