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What happens after EESTEC?

What happens after EESTEC?

Author: Ida Penezić, Alumni Strategy Team Coordinator

Are you wondering what happens after EESTEC? What happens when you get in the EESTEC Alumni community? 

  • In order to find out, Alumni Strategy Team has collected information from Alumni in order to find out more about them. And here are some facts:

  • Below, you can see the countries where Alumni currently mostly live and work:


*  Be aware that some countries aren't listed on the map because of no response from those LCs

57% of Alumni still work in the city where they’ve lived during the studies.

  • On the chart below, you can see the distribution of Alumni’s birth age that are still involved in the community - it’s nice to see that “older” Alumni still have EESTEC spirit :)

  • We have also asked Alumni some information about their job (company, branch & position) and you can see on the next chart the distribution of their current positions:

  • 80% of Alumni said that they are still willing to help EESTEC, so thank you, be sure we will contact you :)

We are sure that Alumni miss their EESTEC friends, who live all over the Europe. So we would like to ensure that for one weekend per year Alumni will be able to meet each other and hang out again. We hope that first Alumni IMW will be held in Autumn 2017. :)

Thank you for your motivation and your ideas! We will do our best to implement them :)

See you in Spring Congress in Ljubljana! :)

  1. “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” 

  2. Tim Cahill