Electrical Engineering Students' European Association Electrical Engineering Students' European Association

Promotional Partner

EESTEC gathers 5000 members at 48 universities around Europe. We are proud of our geographical diversity that spreads over 27 countries across the continent. Our members have a strong voice in reaching their fellow colleagues, potentially influencing more than 50 000 university students. EESTEC presence in social media is big and growing on a daily basis.

To reach our members and vast number of students across Europe please contact us. Check our locations and use our online channels for your brand promotion.

Educational Partner

EESTEC members are primarily students who work toward their Bachelor and Master degrees. In the very nature of our members (value that we support) is to travel, meet other cultures and acquire new experiences. It is the combination of international attitude and strive for academic excellence that pushes EESTEC members to look for new education possibilities, often abroad.

If you are interested in sharing new educational possibilities with our members across European universities, please contact us.

Career Partner

EESTEC consists of talented students with electrical engineering and computer science background. Our mission is to foster capable young experts and future leaders who constantly seek to improve themselves while working on projects and non-formal education. Strong teamwork abilities, international attitude and academic knowledge are what best describes an EESTEC member (also known as EESTECer).

If you are interested in reaching our members across Europe for different job opportunities, please contact us.