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Found an Observer

Do you want to join EESTEC but don't know how? Don't worry, we are here to help you!

We will be more than happy to welcome you in this amazing adventure, but before you take the next step, don't forget to gather Information and Contact us to clarify any doubt you might have. 

Get to know EESTEC deeper as you observe, build up a team and get more tightened in time!

An Observer can progress to higher levels: Junior Local Committee (JLC) and Local Committee (LC). Remember, every LC went through these steps, so never give up and let EESTEC power your future!

How to found an Observer

The prerequisite is to have at least two members. Then, you will contact EESTEC International Vice-Chairman for External Affairs (VC-EA) via e-mail at vc-ea[at]eestec[dot]net, in order to get an Application Form that needs to be filled out. You will be notified by an email about whether your application is valid or not. If your application is accepted, you can use the title “EESTEC Observer –Your City“ officially and start your journey in EESTEC! (for example, EESTEC Observer Karlsruhe, in Germany).

Why should you found an Observer

Being the smallest section of our organization, Observers will get the chance to have an insight into how EESTEC functions and what can be the possible benefits of becoming an EESTECer.

Once you become a member, you will have taken the first step to a new world, where you can:

- Improve your engineering skills in local or international workshops;

- Gain soft-skills, such as communication and leadership tools, through trainings;

- Learn about team spirit, also known as EESTEC Spirit;

- Gain contacts with professionals and companies, which you might benefit for your future career;

- Travel around Europe, learn about new cultures and make new friends;

- Have the time of your life!

All of these opportunities will be provided free of charge!

Remember that EESTEC Observer members can participate in all EESTEC events and could take advantage of anything that is offered to any other participants.

Welcome to EESTEC !