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Data Team

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Committee Name Data Team
Founded in 2018
Number of Members 32

The Data Team was established with the idea of collecting the data that exists on our Association and using it to maintain a clear overview and foster future improvement. The Team is in charge of collecting information from various sources like forms, research and contact with branches. Then we are analysing this data and extracting useful parts and presenting it to the members via publications. This way the Team is working on increasing transparency of its work as well as providing the next generations with accessible data so they can work more easily. The Team is also responsible for ensuring that all regulations are respected when it comes to organising events and branches obligations towards the International. 

In addition to the regular tasks, this year the main goal of the Team will be making sure everything is aligned to the new Events Policy Paper and updated Rules of Procedure. We will be striving to improve the process of preparing, evaluating and feedbacking events. We will also be working on sharing information about EESTEC, past and present, with the rest of EESTECers. 

If you are searching for more information about your branch or your Team/Project, or you need help analysing and understanding the data you have gathered, we are here to help!


Committee Information Manager

Committee Information Manager is in charge of collecting information about board changes in all branches and tracking when each branch organised events and making sure they follow the deadlines tied to organisation of each event.

Event Controllers Team

Event Controllers Team is in charge of communication with branches organising events and collect and analyse feedback from organisers and participants in order to evaluate each event. Through their work they are also working on improving the quality of events.

History Collectors Team

History Collectors Team is in charge of collecting and archiving the information on our Association. Additionally, they use this information to provide EESTECers with insight about the history of EESTEC.

Statistics Team

Statistics Team is in charge of analysing data that we, as well as the Board and various teams are collecting. Afterwards, they are creating reports and visualisations of their results.

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