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Committee Name Design Team
Founded in 2008
Number of Members 96

Here in EESTEC, Design Team is responsible for creating and maintaining the visual identity of our Association. In other words, we are graphic designers who work on the visual elements you see in EESTEC and who make sure that every design is consistent and that it follows the EESTEC Branding Guide.

Our Mission

We strive to create modern and visually appealing designs for our Association while putting an emphasis on team building and education within our team, but also within the wider community in EESTEC.

Our Challenge

Technology and trends are moving fast and we are doing our best to keep up with international standards. We are constantly educating our team of designers and are trying to timely provide everyone in EESTEC with their design requests.


Design Team consists of four board members and numerous designers. Each board member is responsible for different aspects of the team.

    Leader: Diana Maria Radoi, LC Bucharest
    Coordinator for Education: Konstantinos Kotorenis, LC Patras
    Coordinator for Workflow: Aggelos Diamantopoulos, LC Patras 
    Coordinator for Video Technologies: Andrei Alexandru Tudosie, LC Bucharest

Design Sprint

Once a year, we organize an event called Design Sprint. At this event, the most creative EESTECers with the passion for graphic design, are given an opportunity to improve their technical designing skills, learn new techniques and bond together. At Design Sprint we always focus on team building as the participants of this event later become Design Team members and work together for EESTEC. This way, we are strengthening the core of the team and ensuring a successful year of amazing designs.


Be bold or italic, but never regular! 


Graphic Design Academy

Graphic Design Academy is a new project by Design Team launched in 2018. Its main goal is to educate all EESTECers interested in learning graphic design techniques and gaining practical and applicable knowledge in this field. We created Graphic Design Academy because we believe that nowadays everyone can make use of possessing these skills on the personal and professional level as they may come in handy in many different aspects and situations.

                                                        Let your fingers do the walking!                                                            


Please take your time to visit our website first, which you can find above the description on this page, and check our FAQ section, as your question might have already been addressed before.

        - To contact the Design Team Board, you can reach us at design-board@eestec.net.

        - To contact the Design Team Leader directly, you can do so by writing to design-leader@eestec.net.

The few, The proud, The Designers.

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