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Committee Name Education Team
Founded in 2015
Number of Members 60

EESTEC Education Team
 is aimed to develop Commitments and grow organizationally. It consists of motivated and amazing people full of energy and experience. It reaches out to Commitments, weak and strong, it provides training and working sessions to develop them. It is the base for knowledge transfer in EESTEC International and what is more, it bridges the gap between local and international level.

Our vision

Providing a sustainable support system for all EESTEC Commitments by inspiring and empowering them to reach their full potential.

Our mission

Education Team mission is to strengthen EESTEC network by providing a complete educational system, with the aim of mentoring, monitoring and assuring knowledge transfer between EESTEC Commitments.

Education Team consists of 3 subteams:

Angels Team

Angels Team is responsible for working with the new Commitments in our association. Through its members, they reach out to Observers and JLCs, providing them mentoring and knowledge transfer. From the day a Commitment joins the network, Angels take care of them until they are promoted to LC.

Doctors Team

Doctors Team consists of very experienced EESTECers who diagnose the situation in LCs and provide appropriate treatment to make them strong

Experts Team

Experts Team is a team consisting of extremely experienced EESTECers who will be working on advanced problems LCs may face. Their work will not look like the Doctors' or Angels' work, but they will have roundtable meetings trying to tackle the problem.

EESTEC Education Team works for you and for the whole EESTEC International. Reach out to us for any questions and support you need for yourself and your commitment. We are here and ready to help! #dreamTeam

Feel free to contact us on education-board[at]eestec[dot]net.

You can access our guides and documents on this folder.

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