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EESTEC Soft Skills Academy

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Committee Name EESTEC Soft Skills Academy
Founded in 2015
Website https://ssa.eestec.net/
Number of Members 32


    The international project that provides a unique opportunity for further development of ambitious students with assets of non-formal education.

After faculty, students are entering the market with certain expertise, but that is not the only value required by the working environment. One reason soft skills (or people skills) are so significant, is that they help facilitate and establish human connections. They raise self-awareness and enhance the growth in the future career as much as in private life. We call them “soft”, but they are really hard to learn and they demand a lot of effort - which is another motive to make a difference.

Awareness of how important those abilities are, lead us to form the official EESTEC Training Team. Shortly after, in 2010, the first Soft Skills Academy was organized in Belgrade. This special opportunity for the students to work in teams, attend training and learn more about ourselves had even bigger impact on forming new friendships and connections for the lifetime.

“EESTEC Soft Skills Academy” is an international project of the Electrical Engineering Students’ European Association which is organized in cities all around Europe. Every local event consists of training held by certificated EESTEC trainers and representatives of companies that participate in the project. There is no participation fee and it is open towards all students.

During the Academy, students have a chance to attend trainings on topics such as teamwork, leadership, presentation and communication skills, emotional intelligence, time management, body language and many others.

Now, this project has spread all over Europe and thousands of students had the luck to work on their self-improvement in the best possible way. We are talking about students from Belgrade, Krakow, Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Bucharest, Zagreb, Novi Sad, Athens, Skopje, Istanbul, Patras, Podgorica, Tuzla, Xanthi and more who are engaged in every year.

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