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EESTech Challenge

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Committee Name EESTech Challenge
Founded in 2016
Website https://eestechchallenge.eestec.net/
Number of Members 39

Welcome to EESTech Challenge!

We're leading the project that aims to enhance the academic aspect of our Association, strengthen our network and create opportunities for European students to gain knowledge in the field of EECS. 

Each time there is chosen a new topic. This year we decided its be

Internet of Things

EESTech Challenge's structure consists of Local Rounds and the one and only Final Round. 

Local Rounds are organised by our Commitments (this year it is 19 of them) and the Final Round (which is hosted by only one LC).

During the Final Round, all the first winning teams of the Local Rounds will gather to test their knowledge.

EESTEC Commitments will have 

- the opportunity of gaining an outstanding reputation among students, professors, and companies,

- the opportunity for their members to connect with their international colleagues

Students around Europe will

- prove their teamwork skills, 

- test their knowledge,

- share different cultural experiences,

- create new friendships. 

EESTech Challenge is a brand that pushes our Association forward both locally and internationally, by giving opportunities to both levels to promote EESTEC’s vision and values. Focusing on the more technical identity of our Association, the competition will boost our Commitments and enhance the unity of EESTEC! 

Are you ready for the Challenge? 

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