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Public Relations Team

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Committee Name Public Relations Team
Founded in None
Number of Members 40

This year Public Relations Team will be working on establishing a positive relationship between EESTEC and its public, gaining higher reach and better recognizability of EESTEC brand in public. This year Team structure is different from the previous year according to its needs. For the following year, Public Relations Team consists of two sub-teams which are Content Team and Digital Team.

Content Team will be in charge of creating and uploading the content of our Social Media platforms, portals, journals, and website whenever needed. The Team will be in charge of the strategy of EESTEC's digital presence.

Digital Team will be in charge of developing our social media presence, tracking and optimizing social media content and searching for any boosting post opportunities, as well as managing the analytics of Social Media and monitoring the trends.

PR Team consists of outstanding individuals with a passion for changing, creating and improving. The wide range of activities in this team allows everyone to find their own niche and accomplish goals.

"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing"

John D. Rockefeller

So let the world know about EESTEC with us!

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