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Terms and Conditions


The/An Individual acknowledges and agrees that EESTEC may collect, store and share personally identifiable information provided.

Personally identifiable information may include:

● Full Name

● Email address

● Date of birth

● Gender

● Date joined

● Curriculum Vitae

● City of residence

● Personal address

● Passport and/or ID number

● Telephone number

● Skype account

● T-shirt size

● Allergies and food preferences

● Field, university and level of study/-ies

● Images

● ...

IP and cookies for all the visitors of eestec.net are collected in Association's IT infrastructure and by third-party software (Google Analytics) for statistical purposes only.

Individual’s information is saved inside of European Union country as part of Association’s IT infrastructure or in third-party (mainly Google’s) Servers which are protected by the European Union’s regulations. Individuals will be informed if the Association’s IT infrastructure is moved outside of European Union.

The/An Individual has the right to request access, review, rectification or request deletion of any personal data held by EESTEC.

Individual’s information may also be transferred to countries outside the country of individual's residence. Such other countries may not have privacy laws and regulations similar to those of the country of individual's residence. If an individual does not provide the mandatory data required at registration, EESTEC reserves the right to reject the entry.

EESTEC bears no financial or other liability for its Members and prospective Members (this includes all Commitments).

Registration and usage of EESTEC official platform

EESTEC will use the information provided upon registration and general usage of the EESTEC official platform for internal networking, organizational and administration purposes. Basic information (full name, date of birth, date joined, the field of study, images and profile description) can be publicly accessible if provided by the individual.

By applying to events the individual agrees that personal information may be made accessible to Members and prospective Members (this means Local Committees, Junior Local Committees and Observers), Bodies of the Association, International Teams and international project teams for organizational and administration purposes.

Actions on the platform (e.g. applying to an event through the platform) by the individual may result in confirmation emails to the email address provided and to the assigned administrative email addresses. EESTEC will store individual’s information indefinitely after individual’s request and Association’s acceptance for registration unless defined otherwise.

EESTEC reserves the right to reject requested registrations and to delete accounts.

Subscription to EESTEC mailing lists

EESTEC will use this information for organizational and communication purposes. Personal information refers to the/a full name, the/an e-mail address and the/a name of the Commitment.

One consent is given for subscription to @eestec.net mailing lists and acceptance of receiving emails by various @eestec.net mailing lists depending on the Individual’s activity. The list of all possible lists is available on this link. This list may change due to changes and updates in the working processes and organizational processes of EESTEC.

Unsubscription from the list is possible at all times after receiving the first email. Every email will contain an option to unsubscribe.

EESTEC will store individual’s information indefinitely after individual’s consent for the/a subscription to mailing lists unless defined otherwise. EESTEC reserves the right to remove the mailing lists or individuals’ email addresses at any time.

Subscription to Alumni network

EESTEC will use this information for internal networking, organizational, communication and administration purposes. The Subscription contains the subscription to Alumni mailing lists, registration on eestec.net as Alumnus/-a and storage of personal data to Alumni database. EESTEC will store individual’s information after individual’s consent for the subscription to mailing lists indefinitely unless defined otherwise.

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